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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020
God of Spinoza is Nature

God of Spinoza is Nature

Be First!

Baruch de Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher considered one of the three great rationalists of the philosophy of the seventeenth century. Among philosophers, Spinoza is best known for his Ethics, a monumental work that presents an ethical vision unfolding out of a monistic metaphysics in which God and Nature are identified.

I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals Himself in the lawful harmony of the world, not in a God who concerns Himself with the fate and the doings of mankind. Albert Einstein

Substance of God

After stating his proof for God’s existence, Spinoza addresses who “God” is. Spinoza believed that God is “the sum of the natural and physical laws of the universe and certainly not an individual entity or creator”. God is the only substance in the universe, and everything is a part of God.

Nature of God

Baruch De Spinoza wrote that God would have said:

  1. Stop praying and giving yourselves blows on your chests, what I want you to do is to go out into the world to enjoy your life. I want you to enjoy, you sing, have fun and enjoy everything I’ve done for you.
  2. Stop going to those gloomy, dark and cold temples that you built yourself and that you call my home. My house is in the mountains, in the forests, the rivers, the lakes, the beaches. That’s where I live and express all my love for you.
  3. Stop blaming me for your miserable life; I never told you that you were a sinner. Stop being so scared. I do not judge you, nor criticize you, nor ever is angry with you, nothing bothers me, nor do I devise punishment. I am pure love.
  4. Stop asking me forgiveness, there’s nothing to forgive. If I made you, I filled you with passions, limitations, pleasures, feelings, needs, inconsistencies of free will, how can I blame you if you do or say something out of that what I put in you? How can I punish you for being as you are, if I’m the one who made you? Do you think I could create a place to burn all my children who misbehave, for the rest of eternity? What kind of God can do that?
  5. Forget about any kind of commandments, of any kind of laws; those are wiles to manipulate you, to control you and only to create guilt in you. Respect your peers and don’t do to others what you don’t want for you. The only thing I ask is that you pay attention in your life, that your alert status is your guide. This life is the only thing there is, here and now and the only thing you need.
  6. I have made you absolutely free, there are no prizes or punishments, there are no sins or virtues, no one carries a marker, no one carries a record. You are absolutely free to create in your life a heaven or hell.
  7. I couldn’t tell you if there’s anything after this life, but I can give you a tip. Live as if there wasn’t. As if this was your only chance to enjoy, to love, to exist.
  8. So, if there is nothing, then you will have enjoyed the opportunity I gave you. And if there is, be sure that I will not ask you if you behaved well or not, I will ask you. Did you like it?… did you have fun ?..What did you enjoy the most? What did you learn?
  9. Stop believing in me; believe is to assume, guess, imagine. I don’t want you to believe in me, I want you to feel me when you kiss your beloved, when you play with your little girl, when you love your dog, when you bathe in the sea.
  10. Stop praising me. What kind of egotistical God do you think I am?
    I’m bored of your praise, I’m fed up with thanks . Do you feel grateful? Prove it taking care of yourself, your health, your relationships, the world around you. Do you feel overwhelmed? Express your joy! That’s the way to praise me.
  11. The only thing sure is that you are here, that you are alive, that this world is full of wonders.

What do you need more miracles for?
Why so many explanations?

Don’t look for me outside, you won’t find me. Find me inside… there I’m beating in you.


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