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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020
Water is an Amazing Alien Substance

Water is an Amazing Alien Substance

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You might not see it, but Water is probably the most strange alien substance. Yes, it is true. All of the water on Earth is extraterrestrial in origin. It might seem unfamiliar today, as we have about 70%of Earth surface covered by water. But originally Earth had no water by birth.

Water is Extraterrestrial in origion

Water oceans on the Earth were formed hundreds of millions of years after our planet took shape. The Earth was all molten lava at 1200 °C in the beginning, before its outer crust cooled down into rocky a surface. The water arrived n Earth later when a huge asteroid (frozen water) far from space hit Earth. The asteroid with 500km diameter impacted Earth where we have the Pacific Ocean today, peeling the 10 km crust off the surface.

This is the origin of all the water you can see on the Earth. Every molecule of water on the Earth whether it is inside you or outside has existed for billions of years. After Wanter came to the Earth, it has been cycling itself through rocks, air, plants, animals, and back again into oceans. Each water molecule has been on an incredible voyage before coming to you. In Mesozoic Era, about 200 million years ago, the water inside you would have been inside dinosaurs, bacteria, the oceans, storm clouds, the polar ice caps and much more.

Water is the Key to Life

All life on Earth shares one thing in common, water. Water is necessary to live, without an exception. Water is key to life because it has some pretty amazing properties that make it an ideal substrate for life. That’s why NASA is so focused on finding water or the right conditions for liquid water exist on other planets.

Water Reflects Radiation

Water is clear in color under a small amount. But in larger quantity, it appears light blue. This is because water reflects most of the blue light back instead of absorbing it. Space is full of blue light. Blue light is shorter and energetic in wavelengths. Its stronger electromagnetic radiation is harmful to organic molecules, the building blocks of life. This property makes water protector of life.

Water has Oxygen and Hydrogen

Water doesn’t follow the normal rules of chemistry. For a start, it shouldn’t really be a liquid on our planet. A water molecule is made from two very light atoms (hydrogen and oxygen) both gases at Earth temperature. At the temperatures and pressures on the surface of the Earth. Hydrogen and Oxygen are two gases necessary for life, and water is a source for both of these.

Ice floats on Water

Unlike any other chemical, when H2O freezes it expands, making it less dense than its liquid state. This ice (solid-state) float over water (liquid-state). This stage behavior is very useful. By insulating the water underneath, the floating ice sheet has hatched complex life to survive and evolve on our planet, like an egg wall.

Hot Water freezes faster than Cold

Do you know that hot water freezes faster than cold? Water molecules can float upwards, against the force of gravity. That’s because they love to stick to each other. They’re so good at it that they can actually pull each other up through tiny channels, like tiny blood vessels in your body. That’s how oxygen and nutrients reach the edges of your brain.

Water is a Universal Solvent

Water is a universal solvent because of its polarity and an uneven distribution of electron density in its chemical structure. All life needs to take in substances to generate energy and flush out waste products and toxins. Because of water’s knack for dissolving all kinds of substances, it makes an ideal medium for both tasks.


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