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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020
Why do we Believe What we Believe?

Why do we Believe What we Believe?

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The human brain is a belief machine. It is constructed of sensory, biochemistry, intelligence, imagination and intuition circuits.

The Science behind Believe diversity

The brain is bound to generate thoughts and sentiments about everything it encounters, even during sleep e.g Relationships, Work, Society, Religion, Politics or Science.

Thoughts and feelings generated in the response to experiences encountered, make brain develop ideas that work for us, or at least fill the understanding gaps with imagination, conspiracy theories or gossips.

Since everyone’s brain is a personal belief box, things that make perfect sense to one could be nonsense to somebody else.

Getting objectives is impossible without bridging this diversity. Therefore families, societies, organizations, countries, and religions set systems based on core values to create common belief systems. So the human powers can be combined to start movements.


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